Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in Pune, Fluid Bed Dryer Supplier in Pune

Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in Pune

We Shree Sai Equipment are Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in Pune. We provide a wide range of Fluid Bed Dryer in Pune. We are well known as Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in Pune. As per industry norms and standards, we offer premium quality Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in Pune at the international standards level. We are manufacturers and suppliers of various kinds of Fluid Bed Dryer as per customer requirements.

A Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in Pune is designed to dry powder, crystals, and medium-sized pellets easily and evenly. In Pharmaceuticals, Bulk Medications, Dyes & Materials, Phyto-Chemicals, Catalysts, Agricultural Products & Starch Derivatives, Pesticides, etc., the Fluid Bed Dryer finds use

By means of a fan, fresh air is brought in. The air is then passed through a filter and heated by electric heaters to create warm air. If the product contains a solvent or an inflammable material, the dryer must be steam-operated and fitted with a flame-resistant engine.

The heated air, which has diffuser plates and a sieve, passes through the product container. The wet substance gets fluidized due to the flow of air. The object is surrounded by hot air and, as a result of heat transfer, is dried. In a filter bag and an exhaust duct, moist air passes through. For drying liquids or pastes, the Fluid Bed Dryer is not suitable.

We are among the most trusted companies, engaged in designing, supplying, and exporting Fluid Bed Dryer machines. These products, developed in line with international quality standards, are produced using quality components and materials purchased from reputable market vendors. We also have R&D professionals performing periodic tests to improvise our Fluid Bed Dryer System.

The Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in Pune is often widely referred to in the pharmaceutical industry as a fluidized bed dryer. The key application of this equipment is to minimize the wetness and moisture content of medicinal and pharmaceutical-related granules and powders. To get them properly compressed into the tablets, it is important to dry out all the wet granules.

Proper drying is mandatory before completing the packing and compression process of all contents in medicinal items. The leading manufacturers of fluid bed dryers in Pune, Shree Sai Equipments, are developing the best products to boost the drying process and properly pack the tablets.

For drying wet granules, crystalline, or coarse products, the Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in Pune provides a lucid solution. It utilizes the idea of moving hot air through the bed of the material to be dried at a high velocity, thereby allowing it to fluidize.

There is no negative pressure theory in the blower located on the exhaust side of the dryer, which causes the induced draught and sucks the dryer into the fresh air. From the bottom of the product container containing the wet content, a stream of hot filtered air is added.

This container is fitted with a Dutch sieve and an air distribution plate. By producing turbulence in the product container, the airstream moves through the bed of the material and fluidizes the product particles.

Each particle is surrounded by hot air due to fluidization, which contributes to rapid and uniform heating and drying. The filter bags provided at the top prevent particles from escaping from the system.

Construction of Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in Pune

Two types of fluidized dryers are primarily available to us, namely horizontal dryers and vertical dryers. These dryers are made from stainless steel and plastic. The product is prevented from any form of rusting or wear and tear by the highest quality stainless steel. For the continuous drying process, the horizontal dryers are produced while the vertical ones are used for the batch drying.

There is a detachable vessel at the bottom of the dryer that is used for loading and unloading materials. A perforated mesh is available with high pressure for the passage of hot air inside. In the bag filter that is found on top of the tank, all the dried granules and materials are collected.

  • Big Benefits of a dryer with a fluid bed
  • The following are some of the key advantages of using fluid bed dryers:
  • These dryers have high thermal efficiency as opposed to the tray dryers.
  • These dryers are available in different sizes and have a drying capacity ranging from 5 to 250 kg per hour.
  • In the final product, there are no hotspots found.
  • A homogenous and quicker drying process is assured by the fluid dryers.
  • For goods that are heat-sensitive, these dryers match best.
  • The drying of the granules and wet particles has proved to be effective.
  • These are simple to use and do not require much labor.

Top factors that make us Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in Pune

We have been operating Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in Pune. Our result-oriented strategy has always helped us to move towards fame and performance.

  • Usage of products of the highest quality

The stainless steel and plastic entertained by us as India's most trusted manufacturers of fluid bed dryers are of superior quality. At any point in life, this avoids any kind of corrosion in the goods.

  • The Expert Technical Team

All the technicians who work in our business are highly trained and experienced. They have more than 15 years of work experience and perform their job tirelessly to have the best goods and services.

  • Faster Response

Our customers are our first priority and we do our utmost to better serve them. To assist them as and when appropriate, the support team is available 24 * 7.

  • Working Principle - Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in Pune:

  • Via a micron filter and balanced fan motor, the dryer sucks ambient air.
  • Provide the movement of clean air over electric heaters/steam
  • By the mechanism of fluidization, the hot air moves through the product
  • With dehumidifier help, the dryer is equipped with
  • The blower speed is controlled by an AC frequency drive that helps manage fluidization and prevents filter bag choking.
  • The rating scheme is given to prevent lump formation in a container and achieve uniform fluidization.

Advantages - Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in Pune:

The temperature is spread evenly through the product in a Fluid Bed Dryer and the heart rate is very high. Because of reduced drying time, high output rates are achieved. Because the product is in direct contact with the drying air at a low temperature and for a limited period of time, the physical and chemical properties of the product are not necessarily affected and, thus, in the case of heat-sensitive products, the dryer may be used effectively. There is limited lump forming or case hardening as the object is constantly moving during the drying process.

Features - Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers in Pune

  1. In compliance with the guidelines for cGMP
  2. Modular Architecture
  3. Uniform Drying with drying time reduction
  4. Quick dismantling of the product container with Dutch Sieve & Perforated Sheet
  5. Sampling System Online (optional)
  6. Completely Automated Control by Programmable
  7. The processor of Logic (optional)
  8. Product Stirrer jar (optional)
  9. Building Flameproof (optional)
  10. If the system needs a higher-capacity blower motor,
  11. Supplied above 5 meters with HEPA, Scrubber & ducting length.

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