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Shree Sai Equipments is a leading Paddle Mixer Manufacturers in Pune. We provide a wide range of Paddle Mixer in Pune. We are well known as Paddle Mixer Manufacturers in Pune. As per industry norms and standards, we offer premium quality Industrial storage tanks at the international standards level. We are manufacturers and suppliers of Paddle Mixer in Pune as per customer requirements.

The paddle mixer in Puneis commonly known as the horizontal type U shape of the mass mixer in which specific types of PADDLES are placed on the horizontal agitator shaft at different degrees and angles. The different location of the PADDLES at a different angle ensures that the DRY POWDER MATERIALS are transferred within the U-shape trough of the mass mixer.

With the minimum clearance between the U trough and the outer surface of the paddle retained, PADDLES are fixed on the main horizontal agitator shaft.

In fact, through our unique concept of creating the dynamic flow and motion of the powder material in the U trough, the internal arrangement of the paddle is also strategically carried out, while also ensuring the minimum gap and voids between the two paddle arms, which also helps to uniformly lift-rotate-transfer-distribute all the dry powder material in the U-shape trough.

The Paddle Mixer Manufacturers in Pune are the best equipment for the homogeneous mixing of naturally friable and easily crumbled dry powder.

We are Paddle MixerMachines Manufacturers in Punehas the best and skilled workers. These mixers provide a very homogeneous mix of different ingredients used in the feed industry. Mixing is carried out in this machine by four curved blades clamped on the main shaft that gives the ingredients continuous turbulent movement when rotated.

A certain amount of liquids, fats, or molasses is given for direct addition to the arrangement. Horizontal mixers are equipped with a well-designed oil-immersed gearbox that ensures long trouble-free operation with helical teeth heat-treated gears. Blades are specially built to provide fast mixing and have improved wear resistance and bending capabilities.

The paddles in the paddle mixers in Puneare placed to transfer the material in opposite lateral directions as well as radially. In general, the paddle-style is used where friable materials are blended.

The Paddle Mixer Manufacturers in Pune consists of several components: a centrally mounted horizontal shaft revolving inside a cylindrical container, paddles, paddles or other formed mixing elements connected to the central shaft, special openings for feeding materials at the top, flush-fitting access doors at the front of the mixer, a flush-fitting discharge valve at the bottom of the mixer, a flush-fitting discharge valve at the bottom of the paddle mixer in Pune.

With large shearing paddles radiating from spokes around the axis, Paddle Mixer Manufacturers in Puneare built around a horizontal rotating axis, identical in construction and application to ribbon blenders in Pune. There are forward and reverse facing paddles for precision paddle mixers in Pune that help to correctly rotate material from one end of the tank to the other and back.


Paddle Mixer Manufacturers in Pune axes and paddles are usually housed in a stainless steel or aluminum alloy semi-cylinder; pneumatic powder feeders, liquid dosing feeders, and outlets are also incorporated as part of a paddle mixing system for simple, accurate ingredient addition and extraction of products.

Since the successful shearing movement of Paddle Mixer Manufacturers in Pune produces relatively little resistance during mixing, paddle mixers are also used for mixing solids of strong resistance, wet-dry mixing, slurry mixing, and other applications of high viscosity liquid mixing, such as plaster, detergents, caulking, rubber, oil sludge, and fertilizers.

Due to its low resistance nature and slower needed mixing speeds, paddle mixers with a close-tolerance design can mix efficiently at as low as 20 percent volume power, gaining less wear than ribbon blenders and other forms of agitators.

Paddle Mixer Manufacturers in Pune, among many other foods, pharmaceutical, and chemical products, are widely used to mix dry materials such as coffee, sugar, minerals, drywall, chemicals, and agricultural feed.


The configuration of Paddle Mixer Manufacturers in Pune is the same as that of ribbon blenders, meaning that they are normally contained in a semi-cylinder. Long ribbon-like paddles have ribbon blenders that loop around a central axis as the axis twists, shearing through friable materials. These mixers have paddle-shaped blades protruding from the axis in place of ribbon shapes.

There are several specialized styles and varieties of these devices within the single category of industrial mixers.

In terms of processing speed and design, there are two modes. Of the two styles, batch mixers are the more common. After a liquid is poured into the industrial mixer, mixing begins. The material is poured out of the mixer for further processing until mixing is complete, and the mixer is then washed before being refilled. A steady flow of material can be controlled by continuous-feed mixers.

If the blades are set and do not rotate, paddle mixers may be static mixers. The movement of the substance itself, instead, conducts the mixing. A drum mixer consisting of a revolving drum on the frame is another form of the industrial mixer. High-shear mixers have shorter mixing times than traditional mixers. The product speed at the rotor tip is greater than the center velocity that emulsifies immiscible materials.

To obtain homogeneous blends of raw materials consisting of dry solids, such as powered cereals, fine powders, medicinal goods, chemicals, and oil, industrial mixers are used. The mixer also performs an injection of liquids (mainly vegetable oils) directly from spray pipes along the body of the system.

Over the last 40 years, Cremach has produced specialized horizontal ribbon blender mixers and paddle mixers. Cranach mixers are designed for efficient operation even at a maximum capacity filling a load of 50 percent.

The mixer is dust-proof, single shaft with cylindrical mixing, assisted by two Plummer outboard blocks, heavy-duty ball bearings, and equipped with twin helical spirals or paddles, depending on the capability and operation of the use, via the main rotor shaft. A full length pneumatically powered gate bottom opening is provided for efficient emptying of the mixer.

A complete leak-proof layout makes Cremach Mixers one of the industry's nests. In addition to safety switches, gate location limit switches, drive guard, air recycling channel, horizontal foot mounted gearbox and electric motor, pneumatic cylinders, and solenoid valves, the mixer is supplied.

Features - Paddle Mixer Manufacturers in Pune

1. Top precision for mixing and high quality for mixing.

2.Twin discharge gates accelerate the discharge of products for less than 20 seconds.

3. The intelligent design of the wear components greatly decreases the cost of maintenance.

4. Discharge via a pneumatically controlled bottom slide gate for a complete length.

5. Provision for the blending of medicine and oil in the same blender.

6. Adjustable angle of the paddle and quick replacement of wearable components.

7. Strong Efficiency of Mixing (CV< 5%).

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