Ribbon Blender Manufacturers/Suppliers in India

Ribbon Blender Manufacturers in India

We Shree Sai Equipments are Ribbon Blender Manufacturers in India. We provide a wide range of Ribbon Blender in India. We are well known as Ribbon Blender Manufacturers in India. As per industry norms and standards, we offer premium quality Ribbon Blender Manufacturers in India at the international standards level. We are manufacturers and suppliers of various kinds of Ribbon Blender as per customer requirements.

Shree Sai Equipment is one of the Ribbon Blender Manufacturers in India. Shree Sai Equipments has hands-on experience in Ribbon Blender Manufacturers in India and overseas for a wide range of applications. We are Manufacturer, Supplier of Ribbon Blenders in India.

Ribbon Blenders can mix virtually any dry powder, from food products to chemicals, very easily and 100 percent efficiently.

Often, even liquids in small amounts can be combined very efficiently.

Ribbon Blender Manufacturers in India consist of a horizontal U-shape trough and a specially manufactured ribbon agitator. The ribbon agitator is made up of a combination of internal and external blades.

The Ribbon Blenders are carefully crafted to ensure thorough blending with the CV necessary ( Coefficient of variation ).

The increase in temperature is also small, which is important when we consider mixing vitamins.

For direct filling of bags or dumping into the storage bin, the discharge gate can be manually or pneumatically controlled.

Depending on the material to be blended, Ribbon Blenders may be made of mild steel (MS) or stainless steel (SS).

Between 20 and 40rpm, Ribbon Blenders work.

The fluid coupling may also be used as an alternative that is helpful in case of sudden electricity failures to start the mixer on load.

Automatic arrangement of oil or liquid spraying can be performed.

For homogeneous blending of dry granules & powders, ribbon blenders are commonly used. A 'U' shaft with two sets of spiral ribbons, one within the other, comprises the blender.

Our range of ribbon blenders is based on a proven agitator construction that ensures quick, effective blending by providing a triple mixing action.

In addition to Mixing, Ribbon Blender Manufacturers in India have shearing action on the interface to facilitate mild kneading action. Design is such that the outer ribbon transmits material from end to center, while the inner ribbon transfers the material from the center to the ends, allowing thorough mixing.

Depending on the application, ribbon blenders have durable construction manufactured with heavy gauge MS or SS304, SS 316. These ribbon blenders are designed for optimum efficiency in leak-proof construction and are designed for long, trouble-free operation.

In mixing viscosity or cohesion powder and bringing liquid and mash content into the powder, the Ribbon Blender has a strong result. It is possible to completely open the cylinder cover in order to clean and adjust the device.

Working Principle of Ribbon Blender Manufacturers in India:

The Ribbon Blender is a simple industrial mixing machine (also called a ribbon mixer).

Basically, they consist of a trough-shaped shell (usually 2 to 3 times longer than it is wide) with a semicircular bottom, equipped with a horizontal longitudinal shaft on which are placed arms supporting a variety of ribbon blades, paddles, or helical screws set at a reasonably close clearance to the body of the semicircular mixer so that no material layer remains on the bottom of the ribbon mixer.

The double spiral in which the outer ribbon pushes the product in one direction, and the inner ribbon moves it in the opposite direction, is the most effective ribbon layout style.

To ensure comprehensive blends in short cycle times, the ribbons rotate and transfer materials both radially and laterally. For blends that are between 40 and 70 percent of the rated ribbon blender power, ribbon agitators are used.

The material from the upper side should be paid for. On the top cover, port/ports should be supplied to charge the material as well as for the air vent. On the bottom side of the middle of the container, one discharge valve was supplied.

The powder travels from the middle to the end of the container and from the end of the container to the center of the container in the Ribbon Blender. The total mixing time requirement is therefore very low and the required RPM is also very small. Due to the shape & movement of the ribbon and shape of the container, the dry material gets ample continuous movement. Does that shift material to good blending quality?

Operations of Ribbon Blender Manufacturers in India:

The entire assembly is placed on the structure of an MS/SS

The material is transferred from the side of the trough to the middle and vice versa, resulting in rapid and homogeneous blending.

The design of double ribbons also takes the material to the center bottom outlet when discharging

In the center of the butterfly valve for discharge, a specifically designed valve is given.

Or used for fine powders, blending is performed in a semi-fluidized state in the upper zone of the trough.

Spray nozzles with a pressure spray system for spraying additives in blenders can be supplied to the unit.

Ribbon Blender Manufacturers in India can also be used by offering a jacket on the trough as a dryer

Both SS 304/ SS 316 quality touch pieces

In regular and GMP versions, Ribbon Blender Mixer comes specially built for flush form outlet valves or butterfly valves (optional)

Acrylic sheet top cover

Ribbon blenders are primarily used for the homogeneous mixing of two or more powder products, with no necessary wet solutions or minimum solutions. Ribbon blenders are designed to combine a wide range of materials of widely varying densities in a remarkably short time at a high mixing efficiency.

Features of Ribbon Blender Manufacturers in India:

Volumetric ability to meet unique applications with power varying from 3-75 HP to 300 liters to 10,000 liters of volume capacity.

Designs were made available by Tailor.

Jacketed designs for heating and cooling are available.

Maximal efficiency of mixing in leak-proof design.

Outboard bearings and stuffing boxes to avoid contamination of items.

Blender cum roaster for spices and blender cum cooler (with thermal oil or electrical coil).

Accessible single or double ribbon designs

Circulating hot water, organizing steam circulation (for removing extra moisture)

Circulation of Chilled Water (for a cooling product during blending)

Fluid-coupling blender to conserve strength.

Hygiene and fast cleaning Simple cleaning arrangement

Arrangements for oil/liquid spraying to accommodate different applications

Test point arrangement of blenders for sample selection and checking before blending


Blenders with batch-weighing load cells.

A special blender designed to act as a live Silo.

Applications of Ribbon Blender Manufacturers in India:

Pharmaceutical Programs


Resins from phenolics

The Spices



Specifications of Ribbon Blender Manufacturers in India:

The ribbon blender & Feed mixer system from Shree Sai Equipments is a horizontal ribbon mixer of high performance.

Characteristics of Ribbon Blender Manufacturers in India:

Horizontal tube body, double screw between the special structure inside and outside, reliable operation, high quality, low noise, long working life, simple installation, multiple functions. Made of stainless steel, with guard net and lips. Use various screw structures for different mixing criteria, mixing quickly & thoroughly. In the body with a split window for washing.

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